In the world of national borders, we are able to respond to service providers who are able to adapt quickly to changing needs and requirements, and produce timely, quality and low-cost creative and constructive solutions.

For this purpose, MAVİYOL, which started to serve in the international transportation sector in 2001, has rapidly gained the reputable place in the transportation sector in the unlimited world of international trade with '' unconditionally support '' together with the globalization of world trade and the process of establishing an entrepreneurial structure for countries' industrial and foreign trade

We are carrying on with the great honor of the consciousness of our responsibility to import and export, which is one of the most important steps of international trade. MAVİYOL Logistics offers you a complete transportation, import / export, customs clearance, insurance brokerage, warehousing and international distribution services with its staff specializing in road, sea, airway, railroad and MULTI MODAL transportation modes.

MAVİYOL Logistics is able to offer alternative transportation models even in third countries, when necessary, in order to realize the transportation processes more quickly and reliably with its strong organizations and foreign agency network.

Today, one of the cornerstones of our country's economy is logistics; in a continuous motion. Accordingly, systematic "developing and being open to innovation" is also the main principle of MAVIYOL.

MAVİYOL Logistics, Import and export shipments in the direction of your instructions '' taken from where you want, adress safe and willing to deliver on time and conscious of '' responsibilities.

MAVIYOL Logistics, which combines quality service with minimum wage optimum service to its customers, has achieved this success entirely in its own capital without any foreign capital participation.

Middle East, Europa ,Central Asia, CIS countries, regular export / import to Turk republics, partial and partial transport,
Non-Gabari Project Ports,
Transit transportation,
The freight forwarding organization by railway,
From the European and Balkan countries to the Middle East, Central Asia and the Turkish republics,
Container transportation to all ports by sea (round - trip FCL / LCL),
Sea freight forwarding,
Customs warehousing (with bonded warehouse), Export warehousing our warehouse is100%insured)
Customs clearance (with our contract partner),
We are committed to preserving quality and reducing your costs in today's conditions, with our services that we have ranked, quality LINE and MAVIOL, which offer the
agency's wisdom, as the result of our leadership and professional analytical solution ...

Our respect,